Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Supreme Court decision pending injunction given Nawalya community partners in a hunting lease...

Two weeks ago the Supreme Court heard the case in which the Zambia Wildlife Authority had appealed against the decision of the High Court in awarding an injunction to the Nawalya Community Resource Board (representing the villagers of Chief Nwalya) stopping ZAWA from removing the concession held by Leopard Ridge Safaris Ltd in their area. This decision is extremely important given that CRBs form partnerships with ZAWA and safari operators and do have the right -by way of the Hunting Concession Agreement, to choose or fire their operating partners. Of interest here will be the Supreme Court decision affecting 7 hunting companies, found in favour of the respondents. The matter must now go back to the High Court (see http://zambiasafarihunting.blogspot.com)

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