Saturday, July 14, 2007

Last of the Livingstone white rhino....

Some weeks ago an AK47 bunch of Angolan plunderers, working with some Livingstone Wildlife Police Officers killed one of the two remaining white rhino, source of daily joy and tourism income, an adult female, cut off her horn, and disappeared. Further reports from Livingstone say, " missing its buddy and was searching in vain. Leg iseither still with bullet, or at the gate they say "shattered'. Havent seen it as is keeping low. His name is fwanya and he was always the tamest,gentlest and friendliest of them. poor thing, he should probably be sent

Apparently the Zambia Wildlife Authority have made some arrests.

These rhino were first brought to Zambia in 1961 by Barry Shenton and Johnny Uys of the Game and Fisheries Department of Northern Rhodesia, a gift of the Natal Parks Board. The picture shows Johnny and Barry delivering two rhino to Kafue in 1961, later - after the death of one of them, transferred to Livingstone's Mosi oa Tunya National Park.

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