Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Searching for enlightenment...

The Enlightenment which we all yearn for is delayed by the unwillingness of most of our intellectuals to come to grips with Zambia's historical and cultural reality: that Zambia is made up of a small corrupt western world of Government and business elite - both in bed with the donors, a recently constructed world afloat in a sea of traditional Zambia (95% of the land), which is itself undergoing a Neolithic revolution from hunter-gatherer to more settled agriculture, their only problem being that the changes being wrought by their own Government and the donors - walking fully into the Malthusian trap, is making their lives more difficult, not easier. And to blame foreign investors for an assault on natural resources is a travesty. The destruction of the Ila cattle and grazing lands, the illegal alienation of national parks and national forests, the imposition of a .6% royalty on mining companies, the failure to place very strict environmental controls on their mining operations, are just a few of the impacts of Government, donors and capitalism on true Zambians.

The genius of Zambia is being trampled on, because the elite - searching desperately for a plot and a Pajero, don't look where they are going.

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